Reality certificate, sign

Reality Certificate


As of 2023, with the increasing amount of AI-generated content that can no longer be distinguished from reality, a certificate of reality is required for the actual object or its record. A certificate of reality is proof of the existence of the actual object or record thereof. Its possession is mandatory for social and political reasons as a valid identification of an object that has a physical origin and is not artificially created or manipulated.

The certificate is applicable if:
  1. digital provenance is not allowed
  2. must be percieved by at least two human beings
  3. cannot be digitally manipulated

A certificate is valid as long as the certified item or its record is supported by at least two certifiers who can prove the validity of the item. Both or ideally more certifiers shall be identifiable for later identification of the object or its record, if necessary.


The use of the symbol "Certified Reality" conveys the claim that an object or record of an object has a certificate of reality and therefore becomes a Certified Reality (CR); it does not imply registration or provide enhanced protection. Certified realities are identified by the Certified reality symbol, Reality certificate, sign